• Hugh Loxdale

Blue Skies in Tuscany

Blue skies in Tuscany,

Distant curving hills,

Cypresses and olive groves...

And flower-strewn rills.

Villas and oak trees,

Old and evergreen,

Swallowtails that dance the hours;

Small lizards rarely seen.

The Oriole's lone recital

From a shaded bough;

Soft, warm breezes

That waft the cloudlets slow.

Lilac and yellow broom....

A splash of brightest hue;

Large, dark metallic bees

That visit swift and true.

Hot Sun...and strong scents;

The grasshopper that rasps its joy...

Amidst the lilting grasses...

That beckon and alloy.

A scene indeed so tranquil,

As if it were but dreams;

Here where the senses mingle....

To prove all is what it seems.

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