• Hugh Loxdale

Butterfly Princess

Updated: Feb 16

She was a most rare and elusive creature, almost a figment of the mind.

Or was she always real?

That exquisite, brilliant, glistening, fragile, unforgettable butterfly…

Once to land upon a flower in the garden, there to flutter briefly from gaudy bloom to bloom, seeking true love and spiritual nourishment, good amidst the bad.

To enchant and astound, before flying away beyond our reach, alas never more

to be seen.

We realise now that her like will not come again, that she was unique and as she danced in the warm summer air, she taught us many things, even in the fleeting duration

of her presence.

She showed us how wealth, youth, beauty, style and influence are not enough, despite having all of them in superfluity…

Rather, that kindness, gentility, compassion, love of one’s fellow beings, especially those less fortunate, is a goal worthy of our respect and one which to aspire…

And though eventually she lost her way and died en route to a resolution of her life’s aims, her soul found peace in Heaven no doubt, a Nirvana she was never to

know when alive.

She was a phenomenon for sure, this Diana and her loss – the extinction of passion – makes us the poorer.

We still weep for her. But perhaps ultimately, she was better suited to the land of angels than this earthly realm…a realm where hurt, pain and loneliness marked her final days as cruel collectors, in pursuit of her flame of beauty, chased her to an untimely end. Yet in the act of catching her, destroyed the living, breathing thing they sought…and she was

… an enigma.

Female Diana fritillary, Speyeria diana

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