• Hugh Loxdale

Love and the Sea

I love you…because you love the Sea, as I do.

You love its bottle-green turbulence, unwillingness to conform to our expectations, recklessness and energy, its hidden, secret depths.

I love the white horses urging the surge inshore, the brilliant morning light glinting on the surface far out, the Moon’s reflection shining ever more – as it is wont to do – when the nocturnal waters and clouds allow…The smell of wrack and shellfish served up on the beach – as tokens, stranded along its irregular, sandy length, mere remnants of its desire and wasted strength.

And most of all, the sea breeze, – the wind that blows soft from its most distant reaches. I feel those soothing caresses in my hair, as with your fingers on a sunny day in June; its gentle breath on my exposed neck, so bare.

All this I love…as with you…

As we ply the wooden deck of the pier, or dip our feet into the cold, stinging surf…to stare towards the horizon – to a promised land where yet there is no land.

To hold you tight, so tight, as if at the straining helm, whilst listening to the seagull’s raucous cry.

And we are at one…you and it…and I.

For love of the sea…

The swell that now flows vigorously with a proven passion…and power to overwhelm.

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