• Hugh Loxdale

Red Tulips

Updated: Feb 16

Red, they explode outward in bold array,

A riot of colour, a revolution, some might say,

They exude energy sucked from the once cold clay,

A dynamic still life, a contradiction, in some sort of way,

They breathe fire, like dragons, that needs must we slay,

Then droop, lose faith, and sad fade away…

But they had their hour of glory, of still fame,

Longer in fact, shone that gorgeous flame,

Of spring’s promise, an essence that no one can tame,

Dragon slayers or fire-eaters, or as you may name,

They have their mission; they know their game,

One to inspire…and hence, show no shame…

A flower, true, yet much more than this,

Tulip, symbol of Lowlands and mad crisis,*

Wild bloom of distant lands, seas of calm bliss,

Growing from high mountains to sunlit abyss,

A lily, so strange, ensnares the rainbow, and is…

The gesture of romance, that most tender kiss.

* Tulip mania of 1636-7

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