• Hugh Loxdale

Strawberry Days

My love sits at the breakfast table

Reading her newspaper through,

Eating strawberries one by one

As I frame a rhyme or two.

And suddenly she exclaims aloud

That she has found a house to buy,

But I am lost in my thoughts

And fail to then reply.

Drinking my coffee and looking ahead

I stare towards the calendar,

It still is June to my surprise

As I can see from the flowering lavender.

The morning passes, the clouds roll by

I stroll into the garden,

There to watch the swifts o’erhead,

A sight to always hearten.

And meet the Cat beside the hedge

Whilst I pluck goose grass just for fun,

Who stares at me with disbelief

As I work in the broiling Sun.

And finally it is too hot,

For she was surely right,

So I go indoors to rest awhile

With one strawberry left…to bite.

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