• Hugh Loxdale

The Zigzag Mountain

We climbed the zigzag mountain,

Aiming high for the top,

Never once did we look back,

Never once did we stop.

Along rides through thorns and maple,

Where butterflies dance and play,

And the sun blanches the violets

And the greyness is chased away.

On we climbed, by walls of lime,

Fissured and weather-worn,

Until the pine trees spread their limbs

And the wind was cruel re-born.

Only then did we temporary halt,

To view the unfolding scene,

A land where ravens raucous glide

And on rocky ledges preen.

But it is a place that cannot be tamed,

A place where men are few,

As the cold wind chills to the marrow,

And informs them of what is true.

Yet so, we make the summit

To gaze as seconds ticked by,

A short respite from the hard struggle,

And where brave men jump and fly.

On outspread wings, they soar and range,

Like the raven, but not in black,

And ride the bustling thermals,

Until to earth are carried back.

Thus the mountain is a metaphor,

For life in general terms,

That all goals are but fleeting,

And that this truth is what one learns.

And at the zigzag summit,

We rejoiced and took delight,

And embraced life’s joys and riches,

To reflect in a golden light.

Jenzig: "The Jenzig is a distinctive Muschelkalk mountain in Jena, Germany. At 385.3 m above sea level, the Jenzig is one of the highest mountains in the Saale." (from Wikipedia).

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