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About the Poems

I strive to engage my readership with my love and passion for living things and am not afraid of being challenging in my assertions about numerous topics, as you may soon discover when and if you read the poems!

For sure, my poetry is eclectic and wide ranging, even (or so I like to think) universal, including everything from viruses and bacteria, to the humble earthworm, to the power and awesome nature of the Iguassu Falls in Brazil, to the immensity of the Universe and our place in it, as well as (importantly), the nature of God and the role of evolution in creating and maintaining life on this planet. If there is a paradox here, I have at least attempted to try and give some clues as to how we may come to terms with these apparently irreconcilable forces.

I have during my career in entomology travelled extensively to study and observe insects along with other wildlife, including much of Europe, North and South America, Asia, the Middle and Far East, Australasia and the Pacific region. Hence many of my poems refer either to distance lands or exotic animals and plants. My poems have over the years been printed in various magazines, books and on the BBC website and I have given readings of my work, both in England and aboard.

As for the structure of my poems, these are written in a variety of styles, everything from rhyming couplets and sonnets to prose poems, and I have even tried my hand at writing a Haiku …well one at least! Being a lover of music too, both classical and pop, I feel – as many do - that music and poetry are inextricably linked and that both complement one another. Hence, I believe in the essential rhythms of poetry, and am concerned that these rhythms should be discerned in my work.