• Hugh Loxdale

Reflections of Phyllis

She was but a presence

In the panoply of flickering time,

Now viewed these many years on,

A lover, like Philippa, of horses,

And in her case,

Men and children, animals and plants,

Especially cacti,

Mainly broad-leaved kinds,

Spouting a fanfare of outrageous

Crimson blooms.

In her youth,

She rode across the wilds of Dartmoor

Sometimes in pursuit of the fox,

Uphill and down dale,

Past towering, lonesome tors,

Searching, ever searching

For adventure.

She herself was a brave soul

And, as with all such souls,

Found solace in loneliness…

Until one day she met her soul mate,

A loner too,

A wanderer of the unfriendly seas,

And they settled down

To produce a family,

Five strong,

And fulfil their destiny

As once written in the stars

Perhaps, and on their palms,

Or so they believed.

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