• Hugh Loxdale

The View from Cades Bay

Today at Cades Bay,

I sit and watch

Waiting for something to happen

As I stare out

Across the tranquil blue sea.

That stretches, uninterrupted,

To the limits of the horizon…

To a strict line -

A demarcation,

Where the Earth shows

Not the slightest curve,…

Where the dark waters

And pale, ruffled sky

Exchange shadowy tendrils

That meet the calm…

Waiting for a fish to jump;

A whale to breach;

A pelican to dive;

A sail boat to move;

A porpoise to show its

Beautiful, benign fin…

But nothing stirs…

Except the fascinating

Panorama of the clouds,

Shifting and re-forming

In endless re-statement

Of the artist’s brush....

And then, just when

Tired tranquillity

Had lulled my mind

To restfulness…

The long green lizard

In the fig tree

By the wall

Darted fast away..

Such that the leaves trembled..

And shook free the diamond load

Of glistening rain

Fresh from the shower

That passed over Saint Kitts

And almost passed us by…

Walked deliberately down

The ropes of the vacant hammock,

There to rest a while

And view the same scene

With its cool, reptilian eye…

An awareness, perhaps,

That all was not as it seemed

And that the hurricane,

Still some distance off,

Was on its way.

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