• Hugh Loxdale

The Word

Updated: Feb 15

I beheld the evenings are getting lighter,

Around six in the western sky,

The air temperature is warmer,

The Aconites yellow and shy.

The Catkins adorn the Hazel,

The Mallards cavort and chase,

All the world’s awakening

In the valley, this happy place.

And time too for a meeting,

The 'Alt Jena' is our usual choice,

But we can surely change things

When is heard a dissenting voice.

For now though, we could meet up there

If you have nothing else in mind,

It’s an easy venue to locate,

A most easy spot to find.

Near the corner of the Marktplatz,

Behind the Elector with his mighty sword,

And a great book in the other hand…

To preach – no doubt – The Word!

Statue of the Prince-Elector Johann Friedrich I of Saxony (1503-54), founder of the university of Jena, Thuringia, Germany.

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